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Green Innovative Users' Guide

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In the framework of Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Program project ID SKHU / WETA / 1901 / 4.1 / 229, Green Innovative Users’ Guide - Our Common Natural Values, the survey of the natural values along the route and the game development work are moving at a good pace, the testing period may begin soon.

In addition to developing the application, we also carry out other activities, such as in order to increase the efficiency of the cooperation, Mária Út Közhasznú Egyesület (Mary’s Route Public Benefit Association) and the municipality of Palást also plan to implement workshops for their partners, this way introducing and presenting the game developed.


As a result of the project, an innovative educational application will be created, which will be implemented through the cooperation of maintainers, demonstrators and other service providers of specific regional natural values. The application is used in many ways, as it strengthens the cooperation of local participants and provides quality knowledge to those interested in the area, as well as draws attention to the natural and cultural heritage of the region, and emerging needs generate further collaboration among the partners.


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