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Green Innovative Users’ Guide Game Introduction Part 3

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The presentation of the game and its various functions, which is being developed in another joint Interreg project of Mary’s Route Public Benefit Association and the Municipality of Palást, continues.

We are already familiar with the process of the game, and we have previously introduced a feature that introduces the partners who nurture natural values to the users.


But what else does this app know?


When collecting the content in the game, it was clear that some natural values could not be found everywhere due to the features of the sites and different habitats. Therefore, there are a couple of these that we have assigned to a partner that preserves a certain natural value.

In practice, this will mean that out of the 10 information cards seen during the game, the player will receive more questions about the natural values in a given location.

This was primarily imagined by the developers because if a content related to a particular place appears within the game, the user can even view that natural formation or even the plants found there.


The cooperation between the Municipality of Palást and Mary’s Route Public Benefit Association is implemented within the framework of the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Program project ID SKHU / WETA / 1901 / 4.1 / 229, Green Innovative Users’ Guide - Our Common Natural Values.


You can read about the further function of the game in our next article!


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