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Green Innovative Users’ Guide - Game Introduction Part 5

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Let’s go back a bit to the locations that inspired the question cards and how and exactly how they relate to this Green Users’ Guide game.

The word geolocation can be encountered more and more by those who browse the internet these days. There is no need to think of a new marketing miracle weapon here, although it is undeniable that it is favorably used in the location-based analytics market.


In our case, however, when using the game, it offers a number of new options, since the first time we use the application, the application will ask for permission for the user's location information. If we give permission, with the help of geolocation we will get a series of questions from the game according to our location or the nearest natural value conservation point. (In case we did not confirm the permission at login, we can change it later in the application permissions menu in the phone's own application settings menu).


The cooperation between the Municipality of Palást and Mary’s Route Public Benefit Association is implemented within the framework of the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Program project ID SKHU / WETA / 1901 / 4.1 / 229, Green Innovative Users’ Guide - Our Common Natural Values.


You can read about the further function of the game in our next article!



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