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The ‘Almost anonymous’ - Game Introduction Part 6

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In one of our first articles, the name of the game is:

Mark the correct answer.

SmartZ               Green Innovative Users’ Guide                                         


So, who remembers it?

No, no! We don’t leave this question open; we don’t want to cause a sleepless night for anyone!

It so happened that in connection with the name of the game, an unforeseen turn took place, to put it another way, we found ourselves facing an unexpected event.

Unfortunately, the name of the game had to be changed, because by the short time the trial version would have been approved, unfortunately, the selected SmartZ name was not available. We needed a new name!

We thought this was supposed to be the case, so repeating the sounding short title of the project, our innovative game was no longer anonymous, after a very short deliberation and an anonymous state of less than 20 minutes, it was named Green Users’ Guide.

Eme rövid akadály után a szükséges felületeken a javítást máris elvégezte az informatikai team, és mivel a játék nem csak magyar, hanem angol nyelven is játszható, így az angol nyelvű felületeken is megtörténtek a szükséges javítások. After this short hurdle, the necessary interfaces were amended by the IT team, and since the game can be played not only in Hungarian but also in English, the necessary improvements were also made to the English-language surfaces.


The cooperation between the Municipality of Palást and Mary’s Route Public Benefit Association is implemented within the framework of the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Program project ID SKHU / WETA / 1901 / 4.1 / 229, Green Innovative Users’ Guide - Our Common Natural Values.


You can read about the further function of the game in our next article!



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